Indian Marriages – Preferences and Statistics

Thank you all for taking part in the survey. As per the survey, most people prefer love marriage in India. Some people took time to clarify why they had chosen love marriage over arranged and shared their own definitions of love and arranged marriages. From the messages and surveys it is clear that people are not okay for a marriage where they are forced. Seems there is more fear in getting married. Especially arranged marriage.

As per the survey in Instagram the poll results are: 81% prefer Love marriage and only 19% prefer arranged marriage.

Poll Results from Instagram

As per the poll in the Happy Indian Family page on Fb, 57% prefer love and 43% prefer arranged marriage. Quite close.

Poll Results from Facebook

These are preferences. But the Statistics of World of Weddings, as per 2nd December 2019, says that, 90% of marriages in India are arranged. There is a huge difference in the sample survey and the actual Statistics. The conversation rate of preference of love marriage to happening in real time is very less. There could be various reasons and let’s discuss the possible reasons in the coming posts. 

This conversation rate tells somewhere there is a miss in carrying love forward. And there are various definitions of love, arranged marriages. In the above mentioned survey by World of Weddings, they had mentioned about the latest trends and the changes in definitions; To put in a better fashion, revised definitions. 

Love marriage definition is clear and no revisions are made. It’s point blank. Arranged marriage has different types. The term arranged marriage is said to be the one where parents decide and no option or difference of opinion is considered from the bride or the groom according to the survey. And there is this new term called ‘semi arranged marriage’. In this, parents would see probable matches but the decision is left to the individuals. These are the revised definitions in Arranged marriages. 

Photo by Kaushal Moradiya from Pexels

When questioned about marriage to gen z of India there are mixed opinions but in all cases people expect that there shouldn’t be too much pressure from parents’ side. For the current trend and for a healthy relationship in any century be it love or arranged call it semi arranged taking responsibility is the key. As per the current definition, wish parents bring in proposals and do the background check and leave the decision to the bride and the groom will make them accountable and avoid blame shifting. 

Times are changing. People can’t be as innocent as the darling writer Ruskin Bond. In one of his interviews he stated that he isn’t married because he didn’t have a family (after the death of his father/grandparents) to arrange an alliance for him! So sad! But such is the legacy in India. But with changing trends, both parents and the eligible bachelors/bachelorettes should evolve and parents should refrain from pressurizing and children should take responsibility so that there are many happy Indian families living happily ever after.

In the future posts there will be posts related to ‘How to get ready for marriage? And How to enjoy the marriage process?’. The preparations start much ahead during college days even well before college days. Stay tuned to have a nostalgic ride as you prepare for your big day!

Loads of Love to you! 

Rukmini P Kirthivasan


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